About Us

Hi, I am Christine, the creator and designer of the The Essential Teacher. The Essential Teacher was created to help solve problems in classrooms across the world.

The Essential Teacher Planner was made to fix one of my biggest pet peeves, filing in subjects in planners. I had noticed one of my coworkers would fold her planner so she didn't have to keep writing it in but she was losing space that way and it was making the planner bulky. I used an expensive planner from a top planner designer that I loved, but I made labels and took 30 minutes each year adhering them. The labels solved the problem of writing in the subjects, but it made the planner bulky on the top and it wouldn't lay flat anymore. The idea of laminating the covers so you can write on the subject boxes seemed to fix my problem.

Over the year I perfected the planner to optimize space. The simplicity of the inner planner pages makes it so that you can design, write and use your planner how you like. No confined lines. By using grayscale, I am able to keeps costs low and keep the price of the planner low for you! 


I am a kindergarten co-teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love teaching the littles and seeing how much they grow each year. I have the great opportunity to do a 50% job share with an amazing friend and teacher. We have used both of the planners (weekly and monthly) to keep our classroom running smoothly without having to leave each other a million of notes! 

I am also lucky enough to be a mom to two amazing kids, Greyson & Quinn, and a dog mom to Stella. My husband is my printer for many of my items in my shop and has been an incredibly supportive backer of The Essential Teacher.


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Any questions please email us at christine@theessentialteacher.com!