Weekly Planner Cover Options

Weekly Planner Cover Options

Christine Adornetto

The Weekly Teacher Planner will be made in 5 designs. All designs but the watercolor flowers will be available in metallic silver, gold or rose gold for an additional cost. Planner colors at this time are not customizable.

All covers can be written on with Sharpie Pens. I recommend using a thin sharpie in a dark color (black, blue or purple) for the bright subject boxes. For the tribal print that is in Black, I recommend using Metallic Sharpie Pens.

Can be found on Amazon!


To remove the writing on the subject boxes all you have to do is use nail polish remover or acetone. You can also use a magic eraser to remove the Sharpie. Wait for it to be dry and then rewrite without any issues! We always have to do this since no matter how hard we try, our schedule always changes a month into the school year!