New Way to Order

New Way to Order

Christine Adornetto

So I wanted to streamline the ordering process to make it easier and allow for more customization. I was getting a lot of emails asking for different squads and instead of making a new listing each time, I found an amazing App to use in Shopify that allows customization.

This is now what it looks like on the bottom of the front page of the website:


To order a Squad shirt click on the picture and it will take you to the new options:

Pick your shirt color, ink color, size (see the FAQ's for a size chart, there are no longer returns if it doesn't fit) and write in the squad.


Just add it to the cart and in your cart you will now see the customized options. Please double check this before you place your order:

Now just place your order like normal and it will walk you through to the confirmation page!


I hope you all love how much easier it is to order shirts!