New Way to Order

New Way to Order

So I wanted to streamline the ordering process to make it easier and allow for more customization. I was getting a lot of emails asking for different squads and instead of making a new listing each time, I found an amazing App to use in Shopify that allows customization.

This is now what it looks like on the bottom of the front page of the website:


To order a Squad shirt click on the picture and it will take you to the new options:

Pick your shirt color, ink color, size (see the FAQ's for a size chart, there are no longer returns if it doesn't fit) and write in the squad.


Just add it to the cart and in your cart you will now see the customized options. Please double check this before you place your order:

Now just place your order like normal and it will walk you through to the confirmation page!


I hope you all love how much easier it is to order shirts!


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Alphabet Book- Kindergarten Center Activity

Alphabet Book- Kindergarten Center Activity

I decided that it was time to update our Kindergarten Alphabet Book that we use every Wednesday. With our Pearson curriculum, we introduce 1-2 letters a week. Each time we introduce a new letter we have four centers worth of work. The Alphabet Book center consists of each child having their own alphabet book. This book is where they will cut and paste the pictures (after they color) and write the words. We use the pocket chart to hold the pictures of the words. This is a great fine motor and phonics activity. The kids love doing it and now we have adorable graphics to match.


I will also be updating our sort activity that we do weekly also. I will be uploading that closer to August, I need to take the month of July officially off of teaching work!!


Here are some pictures of what comes in the file:

Here is what the word wall pieces look like:

This part of the file is 2 up so that you can save on copying:


You can buy the whole set of A-Z here.


Thanks for checking!

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The Essential Teacher MONTHLY Planner

The Essential Teacher MONTHLY Planner

The Monthly planner is essential to our classroom working between two teachers. I teach just Thursday and Friday, and my co-teacher teaches Monday through Wednesday until the 2nd half the year when I pick up Wednesdays and she just does Monday and Tuesday. This scheduling is confusing enough which is why we are always leaving notes about what lessons are finished and what needs to be retaught or revisited or even be done because we ran out of time. 

We are both post-it lovers so the notes and Future Planning sections are large enough to hold multiple post-its with notes for next year!

Items that will not get changed are put in color coded pen, but everything else is in pencil since so much can change in scheduling and planning.

This monthly planner comes with Empty boxes and you can fill in the date so it is not year specific. For an additional cost you can have subjects printed like we did. Since our schedules are the same each week we put 4 subjects plus a star for important items for that day. You can customize what you want written since many schools have different subjects or don't have ELD which we have in our district.

Here is a close up view from when I was filling in just the math lessons:

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