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Omg! If you haven't tried these planners, you definitely should!! I've been using these the last 6 or so years and these are amazing! They keep getting better each year, with the tabs, stickers, and erasable headings that you don't have to rewrite each week, but you can change if your schedule changes. I've gifted these to my high school bff who is also a teacher and she loves them, too!"

Cheryl TomKindergarten Teacher

This is my third year using the Essential Teacher Planner™️ and I will never use another planner again. I love that I no longer have to write the subject on every page. I write them once at the beginning of the year and I am good to go. My pens never bleed through the paper and the color of the tabs are perfect. In my first year of teaching, the planner I used was falling apart by the end of the year. These planners are durable and polished. Definitely worth the investment to make your year more organized and your planning hassle free!"

Mercedes DanielTeacher

I have tried so many planners over the years and this is the only planner I have rebought for the next school year! It comes with everything you need but isn't too bulky! I love that the subject headers can be seen when you flip the pages instead of rewriting it every single week! Every teacher needs this planner!"

Alexandria GolioTeacher

This planner has saved my life! I am a pre-K teacher and I absolutely LOVE the way the lesson plan part is! It's so so easy to plan now. Not only is there a lesson plan but also a calendar and planner together. Having everything in one place is absolutely perfect!"

Dawn JasiczekTeacher

I was given a deal from Teacher Care Crate that allowed me a planner from The Essential Teacher, and it was the best choice ever. Not only is it functional, but it's realistic! It gives me what I need: calendar, weekly pages to write my plans, folders, checklists, and note pages. THAT'S IT. Other planners are SOOOOO much, and this is just beautifully to the point. I won't be using another planner ever again. I love it!"

Erica YbarboTeacher

The Essential Teacher Planner is the best one I've found yet! I love the dry erase task section and having the ability to customize the headings with a changing schedule. I'll definitely purchase for next year!"

Bethann CamilloTeacher

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